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Voyageur Internet protects our services by using traffic management policies.
Mainly, the goals are to:

  • Prevent abuse
  • Ensure fair access
  • Maintain high performance and a positive customer experience by preventing congestion on our wireless links and access points
    Under this agreement, traffic management policies will include options to avoid incurring extra costs

A) No Throttle – This plan makes sure you, the customer, always has the full amount of Mb/s.

If you transfer more data than your plan allows, then you can either move up to the next plan, or pay a per GB overage fee. No throttling plans are good for customers who are in control of their bandwidth usage or are fine with paying overage fees.

If you have a specific budget for Internet and/or have household members (ie. Teenagers who typically will use the most bandwidth playing games and watching videos) which may cause the overall usage to be unpredictable, then you should choose a no limits plan with throttling so to help stay on budget.

B) No Limits – The No Limits plan is designed to prevent you, the customer, from getting overage bills.Once an account reaches a specified threshold (which is listed in the table below for each of the No Limits plan as well as definitions) the Mb/s is reduced to slow down data flow. Our automated usage notifications provide some information about high usage causing activities.

The slower connection – which can be called “throttling” – is because the amount of data transferred within that billing period has exceeded the acceptable amount of data transfer for that plan. The most common cause of exceeding the threshold is excessive Netflix and video streaming.

Because there is no actual GB limit on this plan, you will still be able to use the account for email and to surf the net, but the imposition of throttling means you may not be able to smoothly stream video at higher resolutions.”

Also, here is a more detailed table for the No Limits plans:

Plan 3 70 GB 1.5 Mbps 0.5 Mbps
Plan 6 130 GB 2.0 Mbps 0.5 Mbps
Plan 9 190 GB 2.5 Mbps 0.5 Mbps
Plan 12 250 GB 3.5 Mbps 0.5 Mbps
Plan 16 430 GB 5.5 Mbps 0.5 Mbps
Plan 19 630 GB 5.5 Mbps 0.5 Mbps


Mb/s or Mbps (Megabits per second): A measure of data transfer speed (a million bits per second).

GB (Gigabyte): A measure of digital information. There are 8 bits in one byte and a billion bytes in a Gigabyte. It is also equal to about 1000 Megabytes.

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