How to have the Best Digital Christmas ever


How to have the best digital Christmas ever

Voyageur Internet celebrates the holiday season, and our diverse workforce comes from all walks of life and cultures, and have families that reflect our evolving society. And like all parents, we want to ensure that the important memories, like Christmas morning, go without a hitch.

But we have recognized that one trend of modern gift-giving – electronic devices (especially for kids) – would be better off with a slight change of plans.

For many families, the morning of December 25th will be a rush of joy and excitement, and naturally as the day progresses, those new toys and games are there to be played and not just stared at.

But that process involves loading updates from the internet to be able to play the games, and instead of playing and sharing fun, the frustration can mount because- surprise!- thousands of other families are doing the same thing, at the same time, and the system gets overloaded.

Merry Digital Christmas
Voyageur Internet

Kids can wait forever for the updates, and that is no fun.

The servers where the updates are being downloaded from are not those of Voyageur Internet , so although some people might try to blame their ISP (us), it is out of our control. Those servers are getting inundated by millions of families just like yours!

SO, we have an idea parents should consider before wrapping those gifts for giving.

Remove the packaging, turn the devices on, and get the necessary online updates NOW, not on Christmas morning.

Although the traditions are to not remove gifts from packaging, this is a tradition that can maybe, be ignored when it comes to gadgets and electronics. Think of how much more fun and less aggravation can result, if the toys gifts and gadgets are ready to go!

Please consider the idea of reducing network congestion in your own home on the holidays, and follow a new tradition for online updates.

Try to get it out of the way, before Christmas Day